Believe Me, You Are Stunning, My Love


list of cute things

  • you
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Loving yourself is easier said than done, I know, but it isn’t impossible. Loving yourself is like loving someone else, without all the ‘get to know you’ stuff. Whether you’ve loved someone romantically, amicably, etc., you’ve invested your time in a relationship that takes work, but you’ve come to realize that the work that it takes is well worth it. The same is true for loving yourself. It’s a scary experience, yet it’s natural and necessary. When you love yourself you won’t have to think about trusting another person or trying to decode their words and actions; it’s only about you. It may seem selfish at first, however, it’s a dangerous thing to put all of yourself into another person. Ultimately, if you don’t value yourself enough to love, respect, and cherish who you are, then why would anyone else? It isn’t even about loving every part of yourself because you wouldn’t love everything about another person; it’s unrealistic, but you still love the person as a whole. The healthy types of relationships you’ve had in the past is possible for your relationship with yourself as well.

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